Micki Sherwood

just me and my keys

After decades of performing with bands all over the PNW, Micki is bringing her eclectic mix of piano driven acoustic songs to smaller, intimate venues.  Storytelling is at the root of her style, engaging audiences with her sultry vocals and passionate stylings as she takes you on a journey from jazz to classic rock covers to songs you've never heard before but will soon become some of your favorites. 

Performing songs that will touch your soul, stir up memories of your youth or make you fall in love all over again, Micki loves to empower women and celebrate the sisterhood that we share with one another. 

Be part of the journey, come hear Micki perform and leave feeling inspired, touched and connected.

Demo Experience


Harmony geek. Incurable troublemaker. Future tattoo addict. Unapologetic extrovert. Performing at the sweet spot between technique and passion, Micki strives to fulfill her mission to save the world from bad live music by blending soaring vocals with an inviting, feel good experience. Bringing over 20 years of performing experience; her prior gigs include founding Hall Pass Band, founding member of the Seattle Jazz Singers, lead singer for Blues with Benefits and Outta Control and recording with Undone. Micki has played at the Concord Jazz Festival, the 2014 Seahawks Superbowl Fan Rally, Bite of Seattle, Rock and Roll Marathon, Skagit Valley Casino and many festivals and events all over the Pacific NW.




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